PRIORI® MD is developed by the same renown skincare scientists who pioneered the cosmeceutical revolution developing and licensing some of the industry’s most successful anti-aging skincare technologies with the launch of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) in 1983 (MD Formulations, MD Forté), Idebenone in 2004 (Prevage, Prevage MD), and CoffeeBerry® in 2007 (Revaléskin®).


Tx DNA COMPLEX™ – the most concentrated DNA enzyme technology available. Clinical research unequivocally demonstrates that DNA repair enzymes provide vital cell protection against premature skin aging from sun exposure.

Tx PEPTIDE COMPLEX™– unique, proprietary, patent pending, concentrated blend of lipopeptides in perfect harmonic ratio deliver outstanding clinical results.

Tx BOTANICAL COMPLEX™– patent pending, all natural, super potent broad spectrum blend of botanical extracts based on a synergistic, high diversity blend of polymorphic antioxidants to deliver maximum free radical scavenging capacity. PRIORI® MD Clinical Mineral Skincare is the only clinically proven mineral skincare line dispensed exclusively by physicians that provides skincare protection (SPF 27+), anti-aging correction (visible reduction in appearance of fine lines, redness, and problem-prone skin), and flawless, weightless, and long-lasting invisible foundation coverage for instant gratification.